Joseph Koniak

UAL MA Fashion Show 2018

Garments by UAL MA Fashion Students

Hair and Makeup by Joseph Koniak and team.

Backstage and Headshots.


Georgia Turnbull

“Looking into the Victorian era specifically between 1880-1890 and Alexander McQueen as influences. Also took inspiration from a vintage chandelier located at the Russell-Cotes museum in Bournemouth, Dorset - creating a styling series reflecting the chandelier’s design and the context of that era” 



Stylist - Jaybeelyn Luna

Model - Mongoljin Tsedenbal

Harajuku-inspired makeup and styling collaboration.

Maria Streang

Fashion Collaboration with Maria Streang - Drag Make-up and Styling.


Glo Butane

Shoot for a blog - Genzeration Z.
Featuring former model Glo Butane.

Documentary and Editorial Photographer based in London.
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