Lydia Tamara

The Fifties.
Make-up collaboration with Lydia Tamara.


Three - Parts.


Joseph Koniak

UAL MA Fashion Show 2018

Garments by UAL MA Fashion Students

Hair and Makeup by Joseph Koniak and team.

Backstage and Headshots.



Stylist - Jaybeelyn Luna

Model - Mongoljin Tsedenbal

Harajuku-inspired makeup and styling collaboration.

Georgia Turnbull

“Looking into the Victorian era specifically between 1880-1890 and Alexander McQueen as influences. Also took inspiration from a vintage chandelier located at the Russell-Cotes museum in Bournemouth, Dorset - creating a styling series reflecting the chandelier’s design and the context of that era” 


Maria Streang

Fashion Collaboration with Maria Streang - Drag Make-up and Styling.


Documentary and Editorial Photographer based in London.
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