In a Foreign Land

Documentary photo-series about Overseas Filipino Workers in Bournemouth, London, Luxembourg and Germany. 2019.

Portraits and Stills.

Melinda Tamayo (LUX)
Norbie Valenzuela (LDN)

Lolita Noleal (LDN)
Lanie Catindig (LDN)
Armi Madrid (BMH)
Monah Barretto (LUX)
Rosa Habeth (GER)
Norma Sumalde (LUX)
Sabina Prieto (LUX)
Thelma Villamor (BMH)
Tita Rodriguez (LUX)
Maddie Martin (LDN)


This series was made as a reflection of my experiences growing up with insecurities from the way I looked, overcoming changes through puberty and the scars it left. Meeting these strong and empowering women with different goals and aspirations enhanced my understanding about these skin conditions - although these are not an extensive list of all skin conditions humans could have but this is an exploration of women’s frustrations and way of dealing with their insecurities within their skin.


MUA : Zainab Jiwa & Lianyl Gibson
IG - @zainabjiwa/@zjdotcom & @lianxmua

Josie McCarthy
Nikki Farrell
Lianyl Gibson
Anne-Marie Dames

Josie McCartney

Nikki Farrell

Lianyl Gibson

Anne-Marie Dames

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Documentary and Editorial Photographer based in London.
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